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Struggling in school or work?  We can help!

Everyone wants to do their best, but some kids (and adults) find that no matter how hard they try, they still fall behind.  If you or your child is struggling in school or in the workplace, we can help you find out why.  A comprehensive psychoeducational assessment is the first step in helping someone live up to their potential.  


ADHD is more than just being "hyper."  ADHD can look very different in different children.  Some find it hard to stay in their seat during class.  Some find it impossible to focus on their homework. Others just "space out" or are easily distracted.  Regardless of the symptoms, ADHD can impair a child's ability to learn, can cause teachers to view your child as a discipline problem and can even make it hard to make friends.  It's not your child's fault and there are treatment options that can help.

Learning Disabilities

Does your child do well in some subjects, but has a really hard time in others?  Has the teacher said your child is not reading at grade level?  Does your child have good ideas, but can't get them down on paper?  Does your child struggle with math?  He or she may have a learning disability.  The good news is there is help that can get your child back up to grade level.

Processing Disorders

Sometimes the problem is that the information from the outside world isn't getting processed correctly.  It may be hard to read because it's hard to make out the letters.  It may be impossible to understand the lecture because the sounds don't make sense.

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