How long does testing take?

The short answer is about 6 to 10 hours of one-on-one testing time.  This is usually divided into 3 to 5 2-hour sessions.  In addition, there is a 1-hour intake interview with the parent/guardian prior to the start of testing, if the client is a minor, as well as a 1 hour feedback session at the end.  However, actual testing time varies and is affected by the client's age, attention span, abilities and how many tests are needed.

What do you test for?

The specific areas covered in an assessment vary based on the referral question.  However, most assessments include an evaluation of cognitive abilities and academic achievement, plus measures to assess ADHD.  Additional areas for evaluation include visual processing, auditory processing, language development and learning and memory. 

In addition, some clients may benefit from testing for social or emotional problems, which can be included in the assessment.

How much does testing cost?

For all assessment batteries, clients are charged a flat fee which includes the intake session, all testing sessions, scoring, report writing and the feedback session.  The fee varies by the type of battery.  Please call or email us to discuss your particular needs and determine which testing battery is right for you.

Do you take insurance?

We currently accept Cigna and Blue Shield of California insurance, as well as Medicare.  We also accept Anthem Blue Cross and Aetna PPOs through our partnership with Growing Minds.  Please note that some insurance policies only provide limited coverage for testing, so some costs might be out-of-pockent.  Clients with other insurance can choose to receive a super bill to submit to their insurance provider.

Where is your office?

Test For Success has offices in Granada Hills, Calabasas and Camarillo.  However, we know that those locations don't work for everyone and we also know how important convenience is to our clients.  That's why we have chosen to use the extensive network of Regus on-demand offices for clients who don't live near one of our permanent locations.  Click on the "Regus" button on our Services or Contact pages to find the Regus location closest to you (please note that not all locations are available for testing).

Other questions?

Please call at 805-850-3794 or email with any questions you may have.