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At Test For Success we offer testing packages to meet your needs.  All assessments are charged as a flat fee and include intake, testing, report/letter, and feedback session.  

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Battery:  $5250

This is the most comprehensive battery.  It includes cognitive/IQ testing, academic achievement testing, ADHD testing and any other testing that might be needed to assess other learning problems or processing issues.  In addition,  this battery includes social/emotional measures to identify depression, anxiety, social and familial issues.  

ADHD & LD Battery:  $4500
Screening Battery:  $3000
ADHD-Only Evaluation:  $750

This battery is perfect when you want to know if someone has ADHD or a learning disability.  It includes cognitive/IQ testing, academic achievement testing, ADHD evaluation, and any other testing that might be needed to assess other learning problems or processing issues.

This battery serves as a screener for ADHD and learning disabilities.  It includes a shortened version of the cognitive/IQ testing, basic academic achievement testing, and questionnaires to assess ADHD..

Many psychiatrists, physicians and pediatricians require an evaluation by a psychologist prior to prescribing ADHD medications.  This is a brief evaluation to determine if you meet criteria for ADHD and includes a short letter summarizing testing results and providing diagnosis and recommendations, if appropriate.  Only for clients without suspicion of learning issues.  Best for older teens and adults.



Sometimes families need support in advocating for an IEP or 504 Plan.   If the results of testing suggest that an IEP or 504 Plan would be of benefit, TFS will come to your school meeting to explain test results and advocate for services or accomodations.


Getting the right people on your team is important.  TFS can help you find therapists, psychiatrists, educational therapists, developmental optometrists, and other professionals to help you or your child achieve success.


It's often good for the whole treatment team to understand the testing results.  We are happy to meet with teachers, pediatricians, educational therapists and other professionals to explain the results of the testing so that everyone can be on the same page.


Wondering if testing is right for you or your child?  Did a teacher or a doctor recommend testing?  Have you always suspected you had ADHD or a learning issue but never found out for sure.  Call us for a free consultation to see if testing is the right next step.

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